Dachshund - Wikipedia

Dogs, when I was young, I had a lot of dogs. some were small, some were big, also some are really cute! i really love dogs, they always make me happy. they can also be annoying, i hate when they continuously bark at random things like other dogs, humans, or just about anything.

My current dogs names are Sadie and Marley, Sadie is a small dog, she constantly barks at nothing, but I love her. Sadie is a pomeranian, cocker spaniel, chihuahua  mix. Marley is a big dog she is a german shepard mix with something, we do not know what kind of dog she is mixed with.


I really love dogs, they bring me so much happiness and joy!! in glad to have 2 dogs, they’re really fun to cuddle and play with!!! I even have a friend who has a golden retriever, his dogs name is Charlie and he is a really fluffy good boy! This is the end of my blog!


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