I really love drawing. It’s really fun to do when I’m alone in my room or when I’m on a road trip. Personally drawing is a really enjoyable thing that I like to do. I really like to draw when I’m feeling bored or I have nothing to do.

The things I like to draw are pretty random… one time I draw animals and the next I draw anime characters. I really love drawing. Sometimes I really like to draw random things. One of the things I really like to draw are animals personally I think they’re the easiest to draw, and second they are cute. I also really like to draw sceneries. Personally, I think that sceneries are really pretty and that people don’t draw them enough and that’s why I really like to draw them.

Drawing is very enjoyable for me. It helps me deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Usually, when I draw I feel kind of bummed out but other times I just really want to draw. Drawing is like an escape from all the stress that I feel but I also really enjoy it. Usually drawing is very fun for me but sometimes I just don’t feel like drawing. It’s probably because I have “art block” or something. In conclusion I love art, and I love drawing.







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