FNAF security breach Pt. 2 (1st part is on Tripp’s blog)

So in the first part, on tripp’s blog (i will put a link right here https://trippsaemsblog2021.edublogs.org/2022/02/25/fnaf-security-breach-pt-1/)

you have encountered finished encountering sun and moon, you get banned, you climb into freddy to escape vanny, a woman dressed as a rabbit, you run with freddy to the recharge station, avoiding her, you ask freddy what is going on with that rabit, but you find out that freddy cannot see the rabbit, but says that there used to be a rabbit there, but not anymore, eventually vanny catches you (im going to refer to you as gregory, the actual character in the game) she eventually catches gregory and locks him in the lost and found, but luckily he finds a screwdriver and escapes the lost and found, when vanny appears, gregory finds freddy, who has been damaged, and takes him to parts and services to get fixed, unfortunately moon (who is explained in tripps blog) captures freddy’s body, and gregory has to go to parts and services alone, avoiding endoskeletons on the way and you find vanny talking to freddy about gregory… stay tuned for part 3!


One thought on “FNAF security breach Pt. 2 (1st part is on Tripp’s blog)

  • March 17, 2022 at 7:46 pm

    I find this blog rather confusing.


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