fnaf security breach, pt. 4 (3rd part on tripps blog)

link to pt. 3

okay… recap, you push chica in a trash compactor and she drags you into the basement, you take her voice box, end of recap…

Okay! on to the story…

After you take Chica’s voice box, you can  either go into roxy raceway, or monty golf, lets say you go into monty golf, you race into monty golf, catching your breath as you collect your thoughts, you then see a security office, you walk in and see a “Faz-camera” you pick it up, you walk back into monty golf, just then, monty pops into your view,  you scream, he leans in close to you lifts down his star-shaped glasses and says “rock and roll” he then smashes a cannon in front of you, he then jumps out of view, you then have to search around monty golf until you find more of those cannons, you think to yourself, that to get his claws you have to “immobilize” him. You then take all of the

Cannons and then you spot a huge bucket and start filling the bucket with light, rubber balls, you then finish filling the bucket, you then walk up to the bucket, then monty comes back  you then pull a lever which releases the bucket, just as its falling monty catches the bucket, but then, the metal underneath him starts to creak, then it breaks, sending monty to his destruction, you then go down and get his claws, and that’s it!

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