Drawing is a thing I’m really good at, it is very fun and it can help me get through some hard stuff, it’s kind-of an outlet for my anxiety, drawing helps me to

calm down and to focus on what’s happening around me, i draw all kinds of stuff, robots, sceneries, and more, at the end of this blog there is going to be a

picture that i drew, its a robot. Some people like drawing, and I’ve met a lot of people who are awesome at it, they are really good! Drawing is a really good thing

for your mental health, my mom told me that it can slow down your brain if its going really fast with thoughts, it can also release a chemical that makes you

happy, I love drawing and it calms me down when I am stressed or anxious, if you ever see me in real life, I’ll probably be drawing, so don’t bother me if I am

drawing, I’m just kidding, come and approach me and say hello, don’t be scared i may even show you what I’ve been drawing. Thank you for reading my blog!



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