my favorite animes and what they’re about (Part 1)

For people who don’t know what anime is… it’s basically a Japanese animated show. So now that you know what anime is… we can get onto this blog!

Some of my favorite anime is my hero acedemia, naruto, and death note. they have really good plot and they have lots of exciting new ideas and concepts that draw in the watcher/listener, they also are very fun to watch and you can binge watch them without getting bored! now that I’ve told you what my favorite anime’s are and what I think about them, I will now explain what the anime’s are about and why I like them specifically.

Starting off… My hero acedemia! So this anime is set in a world where 80% of the world’s population has an uncanny ability called a quirk, and some people stepped up and became heroes, All Might is the #1 hero, the Symbol Of Peace for all of Japan. The main character is a green haired boy named Izuku Midoriya, He is a complete nerd about heroes and is obsessed with them. The story starts with young Izuku, he is watching a video of all might saving people and saying his signature catchphrase, “Everything is fine now, because I am here!” Young Izuku wanted to be just like all might, when he turned 5 and still didn’t get a quirk, his mother took him to the doctor, the doctor looked at Izuku and took some x-rays. Unfortunately Izuku didn’t get a quirk, that was very heartbreaking for Izuku. -FASTFORWARD A COUPLE OF YEARS WHEN IZUKU IS A TEEN- The day has started, Izuku went to school and his childhood friend/enemy/bully Katsuki Bakugou walked up to him, Katsuki had a quirk, a very powerful one. His quirk is called explosion, the sweat of his hands works like nitroglycerin which causes the explosions, Katsuki walks up to Izuku and starts bullying him because he doesn’t have a quirk and he finds it stupid that Izuku still wants to be a hero. Izuku is walking home when a villain appears, the villains quirk was one that turned his body into a sludge, the villain trapped Izuku in the sludge, he struggled to breathe as the villain was going down his throat and suffocating him, just then Izuku’s vision starts to go dark. Just before he blacks out, he sees a shadow, the shadow punches the sludge villain and the villain goes flying. When Izuku regains consciousness, he finds out that the #1 hero All Might was the one that saved him, Izuku jumps up and thanks All Might a million times, and just as all might jumped away, he found that Izuku had clung onto him. All might set Izuku down on a nearby building, Izuku then shouted… “can I be a hero like you! even if i dont have a quirk!” all might was

shocked… to be continued next time! bye!


Drawing is a thing I’m really good at, it is very fun and it can help me get through some hard stuff, it’s kind-of an outlet for my anxiety, drawing helps me to

calm down and to focus on what’s happening around me, i draw all kinds of stuff, robots, sceneries, and more, at the end of this blog there is going to be a

picture that i drew, its a robot. Some people like drawing, and I’ve met a lot of people who are awesome at it, they are really good! Drawing is a really good thing

for your mental health, my mom told me that it can slow down your brain if its going really fast with thoughts, it can also release a chemical that makes you

happy, I love drawing and it calms me down when I am stressed or anxious, if you ever see me in real life, I’ll probably be drawing, so don’t bother me if I am

drawing, I’m just kidding, come and approach me and say hello, don’t be scared i may even show you what I’ve been drawing. Thank you for reading my blog!


fnaf security breach, pt. 4 (3rd part on tripps blog)

link to pt. 3

okay… recap, you push chica in a trash compactor and she drags you into the basement, you take her voice box, end of recap…

Okay! on to the story…

After you take Chica’s voice box, you can  either go into roxy raceway, or monty golf, lets say you go into monty golf, you race into monty golf, catching your breath as you collect your thoughts, you then see a security office, you walk in and see a “Faz-camera” you pick it up, you walk back into monty golf, just then, monty pops into your view,  you scream, he leans in close to you lifts down his star-shaped glasses and says “rock and roll” he then smashes a cannon in front of you, he then jumps out of view, you then have to search around monty golf until you find more of those cannons, you think to yourself, that to get his claws you have to “immobilize” him. You then take all of the

Cannons and then you spot a huge bucket and start filling the bucket with light, rubber balls, you then finish filling the bucket, you then walk up to the bucket, then monty comes back  you then pull a lever which releases the bucket, just as its falling monty catches the bucket, but then, the metal underneath him starts to creak, then it breaks, sending monty to his destruction, you then go down and get his claws, and that’s it!

FNAF security breach Pt. 2 (1st part is on Tripp’s blog)

So in the first part, on tripp’s blog (i will put a link right here

you have encountered finished encountering sun and moon, you get banned, you climb into freddy to escape vanny, a woman dressed as a rabbit, you run with freddy to the recharge station, avoiding her, you ask freddy what is going on with that rabit, but you find out that freddy cannot see the rabbit, but says that there used to be a rabbit there, but not anymore, eventually vanny catches you (im going to refer to you as gregory, the actual character in the game) she eventually catches gregory and locks him in the lost and found, but luckily he finds a screwdriver and escapes the lost and found, when vanny appears, gregory finds freddy, who has been damaged, and takes him to parts and services to get fixed, unfortunately moon (who is explained in tripps blog) captures freddy’s body, and gregory has to go to parts and services alone, avoiding endoskeletons on the way and you find vanny talking to freddy about gregory… stay tuned for part 3!



This is a poem about the famous UwU…

Oh, the UwU, the most beautiful in all the land

Oh wont you take my hand

The UwU is the way to express emotion

Kind-of like a magic potion

The emotion is the most real ever

its very beautiful and clever

with its 2 closed eyes and pointed mouth

you can type the UwU in the north or in the south

this is the end of my UwU poem

this poem is so amazingly good, you want to throw up!chevy - uwu - YouTube

Video Games!!!!

             I love video games! I play them all of the time, i was practically raised playing video games, my dad has a bunch of video games and board games, he loves playing them with us an-+d we love playing them with him. Anyway, back to video games, some video games i like to play are, Marvel’s Spider-man, My hero acedemia ones justice, and Gianna sisters directors cut. I love video games and i love playing them with other people, it is really fun when my family agrees to play games with me, i also love when my friends want to play video games with me.

So basically im going to tell you about what the games are and what the goals of the games are. First of all, Marvel’s Spider-man… So the goal for the game is to complete the story, its basically the whole story of spiderman, with MJ and with everyone, so you basically have to defeat some enemies, watch some cutscenes, and complete the story, it has a very good lore and i think that this game is a 9/10 in my eyes.

Second… MHA ones justice. so this game is based off of an animated show called my hero acedemia, so the point of the game also is to complete the story, but something is different, you can use a free play option, you can battle another player or a CPU for coins, you can use the coins for customization options for your characters, you can also go to the network mode where you can fight people around the world, you can also make a room where you can invite one of your friends so you can play together, you can also set a password for your room so that no random dude comes in and messes up your plans. So that’s MHA ones justice. This game is probably a 10/10.

Third and final one, Gianna sisters directors cut. So the story of the game is where you are stranded on a world that you don’t know, you have to try to get out of there and find your sister, you can switch between characters, one is a punk girl what can dash and break almost anything, the other character is a normal blond girl who can glide by spinning, there are also enemies, when you change your character the landscape changes too, when its on the punk girl, the environment is happy and the enemies are just owls, but when you’re the blond girl, the landscape is desolate and full of bones, and also the enemies are ghosts so its kind of like a weird graveyard kind of thing, i mostly use the punk girl when i play, exept when i have to use the blond girl. I give this game an 8/10

Thank you for listening to me ramble on and on about video games, byeeee!


This is my pain.


I’ve never broken a bone in my life. But, I’ve experienced pain that may be equivalent to that. So, here’s the story of my pain. (empathetic people beware!)

One time when I woke up, I wanted to go on a bike ride. I got my helmet and I got my sister up and running, and we started off. At first we were going good, then when we were heading back, we were rushing home and then i went too fast and then i fell dramatically, my leg caught in the gear, i fell and i got a bruise as big as my thigh, i didn’t break anything but it hurt a whole lot.

okay… one more story,, (this one’s worse jk.) Once when I wanted to sit on the arm of the couch, (I was 5 or 6 at the time) I was fooling around on the couch and then I fell on my head, I always make a joke that I have brain damage because of that, it always makes people laugh!


Thanks for listening! bye!

Focused Ultrasound and Chronic Pain - Focused Ultrasound Foundation—Search—Top-Causes-of-Wrist-Pain—Desktop&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIy_z67efZ9AIVA_3jBx2ZcwdEEAAYASAAEgLjavD_BwE


There are many famous goalies, like:

  1. Marc-Andre Fleury.
  2. Martin Brodeur.
  3. Terry Sawchuk.

But, the most famous goalie is my dad. He was the goalie when we played with our friends. He has an iron man jersey and an iron man helmet. My dad was really amazing when he was a goalie, I want to be as good as that someday.

(For some reason, I love all the padding that they give you!)

(link search (Patrick Roy)




diary of a werewolf pt1

Monday, September 11 2097.    10:42 am.

Dear diary, this is my first entry, i saw the police today, i got freaked out. School has been very tough lately, well actually its been very hard, its hard to keep my secret from everyone i know. we’re doing bottle experiments in school today, i hate bottles. i tried to confess my secret to my best friend Avory, it was too hard, i dont want him to think of me differently, he’s the only friend i have. Anyways i had social studies today, i almost revealed my secret to everyone because i couldn’t resist wagging my tail when the word “treat” was mentioned, i’ve had treats before, mmmm delicious… anyways enough with the treat talk… oh, look there it goes again. i forgot to mention to you that my name is Bayle and im the only werewolf on this planet, i dont know if there are werewolves on other planets, but i’m the only one on this planet (or so i think) i dont know. oh, Avory is calling me, ugh my tail!


Monday, September 11 2097.    12:00 pm.

Dear diary, this is my lunch break, that means i will get to write in you more often, im currently sitting alone, Avory got sent home because of bad behavior, now im all alone (that’s the downfall of having only one friend) so yeah, im currently enjoying some perogies and chicken strips, mmm delicious. anyways, i almost got sent home too! thankfully i fixed my mistake, unlike Avory… oh, the popular girls are calling my name! hopefully i will make more friends!

*backround* Hey Bayle, oh, wait i just came up with a new nickname for you, HAY BAYLE, hahahahaha! ooh, is that your diary?!?

Monday, September 11 2097. 12:55

Im Hay bayle and im stupid, i dont care about puncuation or speeelinggs or anything, i m dummm

*backround again* haha i wrote in your stupid dumb diary! *wham* ow

to be continued later


Wolf Cute Anime Girls Transparent PNG - 700x886 - Free Download on NicePNG


I really love drawing. It’s really fun to do when I’m alone in my room or when I’m on a road trip. Personally drawing is a really enjoyable thing that I like to do. I really like to draw when I’m feeling bored or I have nothing to do.

The things I like to draw are pretty random… one time I draw animals and the next I draw anime characters. I really love drawing. Sometimes I really like to draw random things. One of the things I really like to draw are animals personally I think they’re the easiest to draw, and second they are cute. I also really like to draw sceneries. Personally, I think that sceneries are really pretty and that people don’t draw them enough and that’s why I really like to draw them.

Drawing is very enjoyable for me. It helps me deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Usually, when I draw I feel kind of bummed out but other times I just really want to draw. Drawing is like an escape from all the stress that I feel but I also really enjoy it. Usually drawing is very fun for me but sometimes I just don’t feel like drawing. It’s probably because I have “art block” or something. In conclusion I love art, and I love drawing.






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