There are many famous goalies, like:

  1. Marc-Andre Fleury.
  2. Martin Brodeur.
  3. Terry Sawchuk.

But, the most famous goalie is my dad. He was the goalie when we played with our friends. He has an iron man jersey and an iron man helmet. My dad was really amazing when he was a goalie, I want to be as good as that someday.

(For some reason, I love all the padding that they give you!)

(link search (Patrick Roy)





diary of a werewolf pt1

Monday, September 11 2097.    10:42 am.

Dear diary, this is my first entry, i saw the police today, i got freaked out. School has been very tough lately, well actually its been very hard, its hard to keep my secret from everyone i know. we’re doing bottle experiments in school today, i hate bottles. i tried to confess my secret to my best friend Avory, it was too hard, i dont want him to think of me differently, he’s the only friend i have. Anyways i had social studies today, i almost revealed my secret to everyone because i couldn’t resist wagging my tail when the word “treat” was mentioned, i’ve had treats before, mmmm delicious… anyways enough with the treat talk… oh, look there it goes again. i forgot to mention to you that my name is Bayle and im the only werewolf on this planet, i dont know if there are werewolves on other planets, but i’m the only one on this planet (or so i think) i dont know. oh, Avory is calling me, ugh my tail!


Monday, September 11 2097.    12:00 pm.

Dear diary, this is my lunch break, that means i will get to write in you more often, im currently sitting alone, Avory got sent home because of bad behavior, now im all alone (that’s the downfall of having only one friend) so yeah, im currently enjoying some perogies and chicken strips, mmm delicious. anyways, i almost got sent home too! thankfully i fixed my mistake, unlike Avory… oh, the popular girls are calling my name! hopefully i will make more friends!

*backround* Hey Bayle, oh, wait i just came up with a new nickname for you, HAY BAYLE, hahahahaha! ooh, is that your diary?!?

Monday, September 11 2097. 12:55

Im Hay bayle and im stupid, i dont care about puncuation or speeelinggs or anything, i m dummm

*backround again* haha i wrote in your stupid dumb diary! *wham* ow

to be continued later



Wolf Cute Anime Girls Transparent PNG - 700x886 - Free Download on NicePNG


I really love drawing. It’s really fun to do when I’m alone in my room or when I’m on a road trip. Personally drawing is a really enjoyable thing that I like to do. I really like to draw when I’m feeling bored or I have nothing to do.

The things I like to draw are pretty random… one time I draw animals and the next I draw anime characters. I really love drawing. Sometimes I really like to draw random things. One of the things I really like to draw are animals personally I think they’re the easiest to draw, and second they are cute. I also really like to draw sceneries. Personally, I think that sceneries are really pretty and that people don’t draw them enough and that’s why I really like to draw them.

Drawing is very enjoyable for me. It helps me deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Usually, when I draw I feel kind of bummed out but other times I just really want to draw. Drawing is like an escape from all the stress that I feel but I also really enjoy it. Usually drawing is very fun for me but sometimes I just don’t feel like drawing. It’s probably because I have “art block” or something. In conclusion I love art, and I love drawing.







my favorite music

my favorite music.

I really like this channel called Nightcore. Nightcore is a channel that makes remixes of songs and its really enjoyable to listen to. its really fun to listen to and I really feel that whoever is reading this would really enjoy it.


I usually listen to it when i can, like when I’m working on schoolwork, I’m even listening to it while I’m working on this blog post right now! I also like to listen to it when I’m in my room drawing on my Ipad. I also like to listen to it when i am trying to sleep, or relax.


Nightcore has a whole bunch of remixes of so many songs! They have songs like Gasoline by Halsey, TheFatRat songs, and almost every single songs as far as I know. nightcore also has just single songs, they also have playlists of different songs, one of my favorite playlists are in the link that i attached in this blog post! i really hope that you enjoyed reading this and that you might wanna listen to nightcore songs! Once again thank you for reading this. bye bye




NIGHTCORE TRAP - Rate Your Music


Dachshund - Wikipedia

Dogs, when I was young, I had a lot of dogs. some were small, some were big, also some are really cute! i really love dogs, they always make me happy. they can also be annoying, i hate when they continuously bark at random things like other dogs, humans, or just about anything.

My current dogs names are Sadie and Marley, Sadie is a small dog, she constantly barks at nothing, but I love her. Sadie is a pomeranian, cocker spaniel, chihuahua  mix. Marley is a big dog she is a german shepard mix with something, we do not know what kind of dog she is mixed with.


I really love dogs, they bring me so much happiness and joy!! in glad to have 2 dogs, they’re really fun to cuddle and play with!!! I even have a friend who has a golden retriever, his dogs name is Charlie and he is a really fluffy good boy! This is the end of my blog!


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